map of KAIST

  • Nano SoC #316, KAIST 291 Daehak-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon 34141, Republic of Korea
  • TEL: +82-42-351-9883
  • FAX: +82-42-350-8061


From To Fare(Taxi)
Daejeon Station(Gyeongbu Line) KAIST 9,000 Won
Seo-Daejeon Station(Honam Line) KAIST 8,000 Won
Daejeon Express Bus Terminal KAIST 11,000 Won
Yuseong Express Bus Terminal KAIST 5,000 Won
Daejeon Government Complex Terminal KAIST 4,000 Won

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Name Position Phone Number E-mail
Park, In-cheol Professor 042-350-3461
Yoo, Injae Ph.D Course 042-351-9885
Kong, Byeong Yong Ph.D Course 042-351-9884
Jung, Jaehwan Ph.D Course 042-351-9884
Jo, Jihyuck Ph.D Course 042-351-9884
Cha, Soyoung Ph.D Course 042-351-9884
Jeong, Hyewon Ph.D Course 042-351-9884
Lee, Jinhwan M.S. Course 042-351-9885
Yeo, Saedong M.S. Course 042-351-9885
Ju, Yeongjin M.S. Course 042-351-9884
Choi, Jaejoon M.S. Course 042-351-9884
Kim, Soochang M.S. Course 042-351-9885
Kim, Hyunho M.S. Course 042-351-9885
Rho, Dayoung M.S. Course 042-351-9885
Kim, Byeolnim Secretary 042-351-9883


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