• 에너지 스케일러블 벡터 프로세서 선행 기술 (지식경제부)
  • 대용량 MLC SSD 핵심기술 개발 (지식경제부)
  • 멀티모드 터보 디코더 개발 (Alphean)
  • 핵심반도체설계재산권 창출촉진사업 2단계 사업 (특허청)
  • 핵심반도체설계재산권 창출촉진사업 1단계 사업 (특허청)
  • RFID Basband Processor (SoCium)
  • Image Signal Processor for 3D CMOS Image Sensor
  • High-Performance Double-Binary CTC Decoder Development for Mobile WiMAX System
  • ITRC
  • Turbo Decoder & FFT Processor Development for Mobile Communication System
  • Syntax Processor
  • Low-Power Embedded Processor/DSP Development
  • System-IC 2010
  • Design and Architecture Proposal of Network Processor for Router Applications
  • Development of a High-Performance DSP for Printer Application
  • Next-generation Printer Architecture and System
  • Development of a Co-simulator for Digital TV
  • Development of an 8051-compatible Microcontroller Core
  • CPU Core Development for EML
  • Micro Information and Communication Remote Object-oriented System
  • Development of a Digital IF ASIC
  • Development of a Processor Core for Audio Signal Processing


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