Intelligence Computing Systems Laboratory (ICSL) focuses on computer architecture, embedded processors, and VLSI architecture for computationally intensive function blocks such as multimedia signal processing, signal detection and error-correction in communication systems, and deep learning architecture for artificial intelligence.
 One of the achievements of ICSL is the development of a unique processor called Core-A, which is a 32-bit RISC processor with its own instruction set and developed solely with domestic technology. In addition, Core-Bus, which is an efficient on-chip bus, and software stacks including a compiler and a software debugger were developed for system integration, making it easy to create an embedded system and develop application programs running on it.
 The current research topics include programmable learning hardware architecture for machine learning and artificial intelligence, error-correcting hardware architecture for LDPC and polar codes, SSD platform design, and MIMO symbol detection for 5G communication systems.

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